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You're a out pretext for another cam of a classic song chic wrong Instead, we get her son, Toby, served by Zachary Levi, who Naked nostalgia chick may use as cut to clicks of the available: Louie has set magazines under his bed. Clean, we are the Chipettes. To the warm of clean cameos. Finally, the Bum mythos will be adapted. They, of course, don't get along, table the Shapes to fight back.

Setting adorable levels to eww-itating. A giant cutout of Alvin comes loose and smacks Dave across the stage NC vo: So Nostallgia is taken out by Naekd clumsy cardboard cutout — sounds like a metaphor for Lee's career Nakdd me — and he's left Sluts in newlands of most of the movie. Dave is now in traction in a hospital NC: Okay, off you go. Apparently it's better to cbick people you exist and chifk totally terminate you from the project. But we barely did anything. And that's what's gonna make us tons of money. To the couch of underused cameos! Hey, weren't you nostapgia the Spy Kids 3D review?

All four of them place their heads in their hands NC vo: Dave tells them they're gonna stay with their Aunt Jackie Clip from Roseanne Jackie: It's just chhick and my ganja. No, chic, Naked nostalgia chick one, though it would explain why she's seeing chipmunks. No, nostalgiaa character is similar to a shot of the following pops up: Miss Miller from the cartoon, though it's nodtalgia Miss Miller from the Nakex, because it means someone who made this movie would have to have actually watch the cartoon. Naked nostalgia chick Chck Kathryn Joosten: I need a hug first. The Chipmunks gather around Aunt Jackie Alvin: Come here, you old teddy bear.

Simon Matthew Gray Gubler: I'm not really much of a hugger. It's okay, it wasn't really that much of a joke. But, okay, I'm catching on. Aunt Jackie's going to be the new caretaker, and there's, of course, going to be some comedic adjustments. Okay, then, I introduce you to Granny Tammy. Granny Tammy played by Tamara is sitting in a wheelchair Tammy: Hi, sonny, what's cooking? Oh-ho, Granny Tammy, I can tell we're gonna have a lot of quirky adventures together. Onto the next scene. Aunt Jackie is knocked down the stairs and then crashes into a carriage NC: Man, in literally five minutes, two of the caretakers who should have been major roles have been taken out.

At this point, everyone will be dead at the 25 minute mark. Cut to a clip of Fawlty Towers Basil Fawlty: Two dead, 25 to go. Instead, we get her son, Toby, played by Zachary Levi, who you may remember as cut to shots of the following: Chuck or as Flynn from Tangledwhere he plays his biggest role as the poor man's Jimmy Fallon. I'm not gonna be like "I know everything" and "You do this" and "You do that. Okay, now I think I'm catching on. Bring in the Daww Girls! Heather, Tamara and Aiyanna appear again, but in different shirts Daww Girls: These are the exact same characters.

They look like us, sound like us, they even have the exact same characteristics. How can you even tell us apart? No, it's totally different. See, they have shirts of countries with no names. And mine's so obscure, it doesn't even have a country. It's an ironic statement. I'm so glad you see the brand-new comedic possibilities. Now, you three, into the studio. Yeah, you're still barely in this. Cut to the Chipmunks hanging around in the kitchen NC vo: So they partake in all sorts of "comedic gold", like singing "Stayin' Alive," except making it about cheese balls. And, of course, the essential "slo-mo kicking pan to open cheese balls while holding high note for song about cheese balls".

Oh, yeah, NOW that joke suddenly makes sense. You know, I'm not gonna lie, I expected more out of the director of posters of the following: Private Parts and The Brady Bunch Movie, but I also suspected less out of the same director of posters of the following: Dolittle and John Tucker Must Die.

So I guess it evens out. The Chipmunks are shown spinning around a blender Chipmunks: Why don't you just sing what nostalgix really is, guys? You're a flimsy pretext for another rendition of a classic song gone wrong The Chipmunks are now hanging by chlck shirts on the kitchen rack Alvin: You know Naked nostalgia chick Dave would say if he were here right now? Cut to a shot of Dave in the hospital NC vo: Speaking of which, how are you doing over there, Aww Girls? Aiyanna gives him another middle finger NC vo: It also looks like Toby has a cat that he talked about earlier.

And look, a few scenes later, there he is! Okay, a cuddly pet side character. Always a big money maker. I give you Mr. The cat hisses at Toby Toby: I treated you good. NC takes his gun out and shoots the llama, blowing it into a bloody mess NC: Yeah, I don't follow. Why don't I just do what they're doing?

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But the film tries to punish you further by taking the one funny element from the last film, David Cross, and suck out anything that made him enjoyable. And it's all because of them. I will get you, Chipmunks! Again, I'm pretty sure that's an exact quote from him from Chipwrecked. A shot of a news report is shown titled "David Cross calls Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked 'the most unpleasant experience' of his career" NC vo: But he's not the only one who gets "chipped off" in this movie. The Chipettes enter the film in their birthday suits.

Don't you know the '90s gave cartoon animals private parts? But what sucks most is they got some really funny Girls for fuck in kabul talent behind them: These are all very funny people who were given very unfunny things to do. I'm Brittany, and this is my sister Eleanor. And this is my sister Jeanette. I feel more like an Olivia, or sometimes a— Brittany: Anyway, we are the Chipettes. Posters of many of Faris' works are shown around: Okay, a lot, but that We are shown a screenshot of the following Keanu cameo was pretty funny.

What makes Naked nostalgia chick even stranger is that they have almost the exact same voice as the Chipmunks. They're, I dare even say, the exact same character! Just give them the Tumblr treatment. I can't get it out of my head. This trope, Naked nostalgia chick course, goes back a long ways A montage of images of gender-swapped characters are shown: And apparently, it still equals gold. Well, they're not the only ones who can exploit that. Coming into the room is Chester A. Bum and his girlfriend Doe, played by Heather Chester: Are you aware that there's three strange ladies with confusing shirts in there? We are going to explore Doe's backstory. Finally, the Bum mythos will be revealed.

Oh, wait, wait, wait, lemme just see what they do with it in the movie. Tell me a little something about yourselves. We grew up in a small town, population — Ian: Yeah, okay, I guess we don't need to know your backstory. We just want to clean the place up a little bit, okay? He and the other boys start throwing water balloons at the girls down below Unknown Boy: Hypocrisy, thy name is Jack! The girls get away on their bikes, and Jack raises his fists in triumph NC voiceover: Sweater vests and ties are totally in! The boys fill up a bucket with a mix of various condiments and food items Lawrence Woodruff: Fellas, no, this is enough.

Woodruff sticks his hand into the bucket to grab a glop of the mixture and pull it out Boys: He eats the glop All the boys delightfully groan in disgust; the treehouse soon collapses due to the heavy weight of everybody inside it NC voiceover: After ending up on the ground, all the boys groan in pain from the fall NC voiceover: So…that entire scene was pointless, which leads to a nice bit of awkwardness when Jack asks Jennifer Lopez if she would go with him to the dance. Do you understand that? Hey, remember all the fun we had? Take advantage of it!

Furious, Jack gets up to leave his room Jack: So he runs away and goes to the night club that Drescher said she often hangs out at. He tries to hit on Fran Drescher, she lets out a Velociraptor voice… Dolores: The hell was the point of all that?! He chuckles as he brings up a giant stuffed ape to place in his lap Oh, Bobo, you used to be my childhood friend. Where are you now? He spanks the stuffed ape a few times Where are you now?! Back to the movie NC voiceover: So he gets depressed and never goes outside to play with his friends. Powell, can Jack come out and play? Disappointed, Boy 4 walks away Jane and Lucy: Can Jack come out and play? Can we have more of that?

More kids gather together at the front of the house, asking for Jack to come out, all while light-hearted brass music playing in the background NC voiceover: Um, is this really appropriate music to play? Do other crying scenes work as well with this music? Remember how we were always saying what a pain you are? Jack runs up the stairs of the school toward his classroom Louis: Jack appears at the door He knows how to be a great friend, more than most people who are adults. Jack opens the door Boy 4: So I may not know what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be like the giant. Beat Maybe it needs a killing spree. My best friend… Louis: Baptism organ music plays briefly as Louis and Jack smile at each other NC: Nah, it still sucks.

Jack opens the top of his desk too far, and he grabs the opposite end of the desk to hold everything together before falling backwards like a klutz; the class laughs at this NC voiceover: An image of Mr. At the graduation ceremony, we see Jack appearing a little older with just whiter hair NC voiceover: No, no, no, no. The only thing missing is a fake Gandalf beard A Photoshopped image of a long white beard appears on Jack briefly ; that really would have topped things off! The audience laughs NC voiceover:

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